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Dr. Cheryl Mathews

Dr. Cheryl Mathews
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)
Board Certified Coach

About Cheryl


I personally know how devastating anxiety can be. It can stop you from graduating from school, interviewing for jobs, getting promotions, and building relationships. It affects your entire life. Add stress, depression and poor self-image. The cost in quality of life is huge.

I have my PhD in Psychology, and I've researched and studied public speaking anxiety disorder and social anxiety​ for over 30 years. The good news is that top researchers in neuroscience and psychology have made a ton of progress. We now have evidence-based treatments that have been tested and proven to work with many people.

If you want to find out more, the best first step is to contact me for a free conversation or start by taking the course.

How I overcame public speaking anxiety disorder and social anxiety