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what is the LAB?

The Lab is a 16-hour workshop on Zoom where you
learn and practice anxiety management techniques.

I'll guide you every step of the way.

practice anxiety
management techniques

Practice anxiety management techniques in a safe and supportive group. Learn with others who share your fear. Take gradual steps that are manageable for you.

monitor your

Throughout the LAB, we'll track your fear level to make sure you're improving.

get personal
guidance and help

I'll help you desensitize successfully and ensure you're using the techniques the right way. 

Goal: Desensitize your nervous system and reduce your fear.

what happens in the LAB?

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The Desensitization Lab is a 16-hour workshop on Zoom where you learn and practice anxiety management techniques.

This is what you will learn in the Desensitization Lab:

  • You’ll learn through personal experience that your anxiety increases and decreases in a predictable fashion.
  • You’ll see for yourself that when you’re in speaking situations long enough your anxiety will dissipate naturally (on it’s own with no effort).
  • You’ll find that anxiety goes down with repeated practice (as long as you’re practicing correctly).
  • You’re going to have a chance to learn how to coach yourself more accurately before, during and after a speaking situation.
  • We’ll dig into the self-defeating patterns that maintain your fear: Thinking social standards are more exacting than they really are, focusing on errors, severe self-evaluations, and avoidance habits.
  • You’ll learn that things really can be different.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to learn and desensitize with like-minded people who share your fear of public speaking.

Here is how the LAB is structured and what is included:

 1. One-on-one sessions with Dr. Cheryl Mathews for 4-hours. This will be primarily lecture/discussion where I explain the key concepts, framework and anxiety management techniques.  This is much more in-depth than the self-paced Essentials course and there is a lot of time for questions and  information tailored to your needs. We also do some initial practice exposures to get you prepared for the Club practice sessions, and help you start to apply the anxiety management techniques. At the beginning, the goal is to start to make some micro mental shifts, and with some practice, you’ll make more improvement over time as these concepts start to gel.

2. Participate in 8 Club practice sessions on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00AM - 12:30PM New York Eastern Time. The club is made up of professional and supportive people who have taken the LAB (i.e. have a common language and framework). The Clubs typically have 5-6 people. We practice the anxiety management techniques together and share our experiences. The clubs happen every Saturday. You don’t have to do the clubs consecutively, but it’s ideal if you do them soon after the one-on-one sessions. (There is an Asia Club for those in Asian time zones - please contact me for details).

3. As part of the LAB, you receive a comprehensive Participant Guide. It’s a ~100 page workbook that explains the framework and anxiety management techniques and is a helpful reference tool that I recommend you use for the rest of your life. I also provide a cheat sheet with a summary of the key concepts.

4. Lots of other stuff! You will also have access to a self-paced online course that provides the framework for the LAB, tons of additional information, successful exposure, opportunity to ask questions, and personalized help and coaching. 

The LAB is transformative and life-changing, and can help you advance your career, your relationships and your self-esteem. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.


when can we start?

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See course description to see how it works.

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The Essentials Course is a prerequisite for the LAB.
You can take it while you're in the LAB one-on-one sessions.




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what participants say

JL // Communications Specialist

I thought I had a deficiency, but I learned that there are specific things I can do that are in my control. The 1:1 sessions were really helpful.

SM // Program Manager

Dr. Mathews helped me speak successfully to 400 people. I would have never dreamed I could do that.

KJ // Software Developer

I finally decided one day that I was tired of constantly trying to avoid giving presentations at work and getting stressed out when I was inevitably asked to present. I wanted to understand the psychology behind public speaking anxiety, and somehow I stumbled upon a reddit AMA that Dr.Mathews did several years ago. I learned so much from her answers in that post, and from there I found the desensitization lab.

I was seeing a therapist for public speaking anxiety before the lab started. Therapy was very useful, however, a critical part of that therapy is exposure: doing the thing you’re afraid of--public speaking. I actually tried a few different ways to get exposures: I joined toastmasters, and I took a four week improv course. Those certainly helped, but the lab was by far the most effective for me.

One of my favorite parts of the lab is that because it was a small group, there were many opportunities to speak and practice. Dr.Mathews helped us to tailor our exposures to our personal fears without overwhelming ourselves. Because all of the participants were all in a similar boat wrt speaking anxiety, it felt very safe to open up and give each other honest feedback. I was quite surprised that I learned a lot about anxiety from watching others in the class go through their journeys. I found it quite valuable to see what speaking anxiety looks like in someone other than myself, because I personally tend to be less objective with myself.

I would absolutely recommend the lab to anyone who is looking to work on their speaking anxiety.

KS // Manager

I know how to manage the anxiety and I now speak with confidence and ease. I now enjoy giving presentations. I even sang a solo in front of an audience and was not nervous at all. This was a huge breakthrough.

CS // Software Developer

The desensitization lab has shifted my perspective and improved my confidence. I now look at myself, my thoughts, and my symptoms more objectively than before, and have a much clearer path forward. My confidence has increased, both from the lab exercises as well as from hearing the thoughts and feedback that others shared. The tools that I picked up during the sessions are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this course to anyone dealing with low confidence, panic, or anxiety as it relates to public speaking or performance.

RN // Executive

This was an amazing course. I strongly recommend it for anyone who is serious about overcoming public speaking anxiety. Dr. Mathews walks you through a deep understanding of what causes public speaking anxiety, teaches you tools to overcome this anxiety, and so much more. I now have a plan in place that I feel confident will get me to where I need to be and most importantly I know that I’m not alone. I look forward to continuing to develop myself and sincerely appreciate Dr. Mathews’ kindhearted and no-nonsense approach.

IB // Engineer

The LAB was a wonderful experience! I was able to finally learn valuable techniques to help me better manage anxiety in a very safe environment.
I met others with the same challenges in the LAB and that made it a lot easier for me to relax and realize that we were all on the same journey and were there to help each other. Dr Cheryl was also very helpful in patiently guiding us through our sessions and helping us create new thought patterns. Also, I learned a lot from the feedback from others in the group. The feedback was so helpful.
After the first two sessions, I began to see my anxiety coming down through lots of practice opportunities I got in the lab. In one lab session, I gave a 5-minute talk and I was so happy because I knew I could do it.
Toastmasters is great but it was too overwhelming for me. The LAB however gave me a way to work on my anxiety gradually in a very manageable way. After the LAB, I am now confident that I have the tools to join a toastmasters group online to increase my practice opportunities.
Overall, the LAB was an awesome experience and I would encourage anyone who may be struggling with speaking anxiety of any sort to take part in it.

PK  // Analyst

This lab has been extremely helpful. For so long I had been dealing with social anxiety and public speaking fear alone, but to have a group of supportive individuals going through the same struggle made things a lot easier. Dr. Mathews is great and presents information in a simple manner so you can easily grasp concepts. If anyone is dealing with this type of anxiety, I would definitely recommend signing up for this lab. Personally, my self worth has improved and I’m seeing progress in reduced levels of nervousness.

SD // Coach

The Lab was an invaluable experience for me. It was something I had been looking for over the past year. I am glad I found Dr. Mathews and was able to attend her Lab. She is very committed to the participants and their concerns, and provides very useful guidance. During the Lab I was able to practice impromptu speaking, and to learn how to organize my thoughts, and how to control my levels of anxiety when speaking. Also, I received valuable feedback not only from her but from other participants, and this has helped me to increase my self confidence, and to develop more positive thoughts about self. I recommend this Lab very highly as it offers ways to become calmer when speaking before other people, and to enjoy sharing with others without having fear or a feeling of panic.

LA // IT Executive

I enrolled in this program because I experienced the usual public speaking anxieties ( excess worrying, sweating, loss of train of thought during a presentation, panicking before speaking, fast heartbeats, lack of sleep before presentations). I had lived with this for over 10 years. I walked the journey with Cheryl and I must say this is a worthwhile investment if you are willing to put in the work. You learn the skills and tools needed to manage your speaking anxiety and function with it. In two months of joining the program, I’ve made about 8-10 presentations to various groups of people both virtually and physically (the biggest one being a physical presentation to a group of 50 people) successfully. The weekly sessions are also great as you learn to deal with your anxieties in a lab with like minded people. Thank Cheryl for this program and I can definitely say that I’ve become better at managing my anxieties.

DL // Staffer

I started with a high anxiety score and my anxiety score has lowered to the medium range and continues to get better. Today's webinar was a great success! I did 20 mins to an audience of 50 people. I also did a 10 minute briefing with no notes to a board member. This was the first time in recent memory that I haven't dreaded doing something like this with high stakes. What I thought about in the hours leading up to these presentations was that it wouldn't go poorly, and that i had properly prepared to do a good presentation. I say good, meaning I was fine with good and not great (even though it was actually great). All of what you told me is starting to happen with these things. Sure, there was a very temporary feeling of dread when the presentation started but it dissipated quickly. I also watched the other presenters and paid attention to their tone and their style. I am starting to realize the power and control you have in a presentation with pausing and the delivery in general. It was a very important moment today to do this for the client.  In all my career, I never delivered a presentation or briefing so comfortably. I watched TV last night and didn't fret because I had practiced. It is pretty incredible to actually see and feel progress. It is life-changing.


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