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Public Speaking Anxiety Coaching
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If you avoid speaking in groups, and your fear is stopping you from achieving your potential, you'll learn:
  • How to control anxiety—so it doesn't control you
  • How to manage your bodily symptoms such as rapid heart rate, trembling, sweating, voice quivering, etc.
  • What causes your anxiety to escalate and how to de-escalate
  • How to rewire your nervous system so it doesn't trigger an automatic fear response in speaking situations
  • The right way to practice

Please visit my coaching store for more information. You can conveniently choose to talk over Chat, Email or Phone, and get answers to your specific questions. It's private and confidential.

You can also take a self-study online course — take it anytime anywhere. It uses professional video animation to explain the mechanics of fear and how to control it. The interactive exercises let you apply the course to your situation. SpeakMeister members save 50%. Use the discount code save50%course at checkout.

The online workshop gives you the opportunity to work with a sensitive coach who can help you practice in a very controlled and gradual way in front of other workshop participants (others who share your fear). Right now your body is conditioned to automatically respond with fear in public speaking situations. Gradual practice and exposure in a safe "lab" environment will re-train your nervous system to react in a different way. The workshop is based on proven techniques that will help you practice effectively and overcome your fear. It takes place online so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.



Dr. Mathews is passionate about helping you succeed. She has her doctorate in Psychology and is a Board Certified Coach. She's a member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the American Psychological Association.