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Christopher Mason, PhD
Senior Director, Strategic Talent Solutions, Sears Holdings Corporation

I have extensive experience as an interviewee/interviewer in a Fortune 500 business setting as well academia. Among my experience in business, I have designed selection processes for candidates at all levels including the assessments and interview guides typically used in these processes. I also managed early career talent programs where I supported the recruitment and conducted interviews for recent college graduates from top schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Northwestern, University of Chicago, and BYU. So I understand high-stakes interviewing from both sides of the table. I've been on both sides of the interview process in a variety of settings and can help you prepare and tailor your message to your specific audience and your unique strengths.

I specialize in these areas:
▪︎ Job Interviewing
▪︎ Speaking to Executives
▪︎ Training / Adult Learning Classroom Facilitation / Classroom
▪︎ Group Facilitation in Business
▪︎ General Business Speaking

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