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How do you thank an employer for bringing you in for an interview?

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Gita Kumar
Posted February 1, 2016 by Gita Kumar
Category: Job Interviewing
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I was chosen for an interview for a job which I applied for. Unfortunately, I did not get the position, which the HR manager let me know. I would like to reply and say thank you for the opportunity as well as to ask why they did not hire me. But, I don't want to come off so strongly; I know it is wrong to flat out ask this question. Therefore, how should I word it? Also, should I send an email or call the representative? I would be more confident through email, but I am thinking a phone call would be more polite.
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Best Answer

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Posted February 1, 2016 by
Hey Gita!

I think sending an email would be just fine. A phone call can be intrusive, as I'm sure the HR representative is busy and might not have time to deal with a rejected candidate at a moment's notice. Plus, as you said, you would be more comfortable with an email, so just go with it.

As for what to say, simply thank them for the opportunity and taking the time to get to know you. Then, there are a couple of different ways to ask about what your weaknesses were. One way is to ask what weaknesses you had that made them go with another candidate instead. Also, you could ask what are some things you could improve on in the future. Lastly, ask if there were any specific reasons they decided not to hire you and how you could fix these issues. Try not to come off too whiny about not being hired, and definitely don't try to defend yourself - their decision is already made, so they won't change their mind!